Our Mission is Our Story

Welcome to Corrective Muscle Solutions!

We are so glad you found us. Corrective Muscle Solutions LLC is an Austin-based company founded in 2014 by the husband and wife team of Scott Frost, MS, MAT and Lauren Frost.

We believe that it is our genuine compassion that drives us to excellence and innovation. And we are so deeply passionate about this work such that the heart of our company beats as a result of our own injury stories.

The purpose of Corrective Muscle Solutions is to solve the complex muscle problems that keep people form living a full and rewarding life.

“I went to Scott Frost looking for a miracle for my shoulder. And that’s exactly what I got … Heather Swanson

How It All Started …

The company itself started with Scott was going about his day doing his things of solving muscle problems to help people live better and move better. 

Lauren was struggling to gain traction with her fitness website for women and was frustrated by the technical skills needed to run the site. So, she started helping Scott with some of scheduling and getting him exposure for his problem-solving skills and unique talents. From there, what was imply a single practitioner lifestyle took off like a rocket and became a full-fledged business within a matter of months. 

“Blessed to have been under the care of Scott and Lauren and they are a very special couple and team” … Tim Kan

Challenging the Conventional Approach

Over the years, the conventional approach for muscle health and performance has yielded quite ordinary and unremarkable results.

At Corrective Muscle Solutions, we are challenge the approach to rehabilitation and the muscle system in a way that is chaining people’s lives with truly extraordinary results. Scott is part of a unique subspecialty that there are currently only 25 practitioners certified worldwide.

People of all ages come to us with complex cases of muscle and movement problems that have stubbornly been unresponsive to other treatments. We work with all sort of difficult cases to help people regain control of their body and maintain the health of their muscle system for life. 

We are recommended by many orthopedists and other medical providers to supplement traditional therapy for complicated rehab cases that need a level of attention and detail that cannot be attained with physical therapy alone. We even treat people with issues from heal trauma (concussions from the past or present), jaw problems and other motor development problems. 

We believe in being a “happy-place company.” We feel that people need a comfortable, easy going environment to help them with what can be really frustrating and challenging issues in a unique way. Watching and witnessing as people who have been suffering for years to feel better, smile more and re-engage in the things they love. Another great reward is seeing desperate individuals contemplating joint replacement surgeries be able to hold on to what they have and avoid surgery.

“So glad I found Scott. He is extremely knowledgeable and scientific in his approach to treatment which is very refreshing. Would recommend him 100%” … Eric Schultz

Meet Our Team


About Scott Frost

I work within a sub-specialty of the kinesiology field dedicated to treating the muscle system. My specialty is solving complex muscle problems that restrict movement and limit performance. 

Growing up I was a top regional junior tennis player until a rotator cuff surgery took me down at 14 years old. Later on, I became a professional ballet dancer in my 20’s as an alternative to my professional tennis aspirations.

However, I was frustrated by the alarming number of injuries I was experiencing in spite of my dedication to rehab and training. I had long had a passion for mechanics & biology, and this mounting injury toll pushed me into the field of biomechanics.

My purpose became to help young athletes and adults overcome the problems no one could solve for me. This dedication led to the development of a radically different approach to working with the muscle system, which I called Muscle System Anchoring©.

To contact Scott directly via email: scott@correctivemusclesolutions.com


About Lauren Frost

After a stint as an actress in my 20’s, I spent over 15 years in advertising and account management for various companies and organizations.

Yet, all along the way, I never truly felt at home in the corporate world. Later on in my 30’s, I met Scott and discovered a passion for health and fitness.

This was quite an unexpected life change. You see, growing up I did not play a sport; nor was I encouraged to pursue an active lifestyle beyond reading books. However, fitness gave me the necessary confidence to go in a different direction.

After much soul searching, and lots of learning, I was led to my calling as an entrepreneur. For a number of years, I ran a workout- and nutrition-focused website for women. Then a few years ago, I realized that I could take Corrective Muscle Solutions to the next level and took over all business operations.

To contact Lauren directly via email: lauren@correctivemusclesolutions.com


Muscle System Specialists

- Practitioner Credentials -


Scott Frost

Muscle System Specialist

Lead Practitioner




University of Texas at Austin

Master of Science, Kinesiology

Concentration: Biomechanics & Motor Control

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement. My concentration was in the field of biomechanics and motor control. Biomechanics is the hybrid mix of physics, mechanical engineering, anatomy and physiology. The aim is to understand the architecture of the human anatomy as it relates to stresses and strains, stability and movement freedom.  Motor control is the term used to describe how muscle fibers are accessed and called to contract by the nervous system.


University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience

Neuroscience is a branch of biology that adds a deep dive study into all things nervous system. Because everything begins and ends with the communication systems of the body, getting muscles to respond or to chill out is only possible with a firm grasp of the electrical systems of the body.


Rutgers University

Post-Grad Studies, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Rutgers Emblem

There is no greater window into understanding and knowing the human body than seeing with your own eyes the inside of an actual body and feeling real muscle. The year spent in a human anatomy lab working on real cadavers was one of the most enlightening and exciting studies of my life. It was exciting and transformative in my ability to help repair the broken bodies of those who sought my help. I added another year doing more work in physiology after that year of anatomy to spend more time becoming intimate with the “body” of information.

Muscle System Certifications

  • Muscle System Specialist, TM

  • Muscle Activation Techniques, TM

  • Trigger Point Therapy, TM

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Weight Training Certifications

  • Certified Strength & Cond. Specialist, National Strength & Cond. Assoc.

  • Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Trainer, Physical Preparation Specialists

  • Certified Speed Coach, Parisi Speed School, TM

  • Certified Level 3 Coach, Training for Warriors, TM

  • Certified Level 1 Coach, USA Track & Field

  • Certified Level 1 Coach, USA Weightlifting

Continued Education Trainings

  • Muscle System Consortia

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Postural Restoration Institute

  • Egoscue Method, Training

  • Thomas Myers Seminar

  • MobilityWOD Seminar

  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Training

  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation, Training

  • Travis Mash Learn to Lift, Powerlifting

  • Travis Mash Learn to Lift, Olympic Weightlifting

  • Ryan Moody, Jump Training

  • USA Track & Field, Speed Summit

  • Vern Gambetta, Speed Training

  • Joe Defranco, Football Training

  • Steve Maxwell, Training

  • Jim Smith, Training

  • Robert Dos Remedios, Seminar

  • Perform Better, Training

  • Red Cord, Training

  • American Red Cross, First Aid & CPR/AED


Our Injury Stories


Scott’s Injury Story

My struggles with pain and injury began for me when I was just a teenager. I was on the rise in the ranks as junior tennis player in New Jersey. Around the time I was 13, I started to have pain and weakness in my hitting arm. The pain started in my shoulder but soon started a chain reaction of injuries into my elbow, low back and neck. I desperately sought for answers bouncing from one professional to another, but no one could fix the problems.

Eventually, I went the route of exploratory surgery, as my MRI could not, at the time, give a detailed enough view of the inner joint. The surgery found some tearing in my cartilage and a chipped bone bruise along the shoulder ridge. Although the surgery went well in the cleanup, the rehab was inadequate at best. I was never able to recover any real capability close to that of my former level of performance. My physical and emotional struggles lasted over a year and by the time I turned 15, my injuries had put an end to my collegiate and professional aspirations in tennis.

Years later, my athletic pursuits took on a second life as I began a serious study of contemporary ballet and modern dance with Koresh Dance Company in Philadelphia. After graduating from UPenn, I was accepted into the professional program of the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet.  I took to ballet/modern dance quickly and began a career as a dancer in the Philadelphia area. However, I found himself constantly falling prey to injury. Over the 4 years of my professional dance life, I spent much of it recovering from injuries or performing through terrible pain. It was a second chance stolen again by a betrayal of my body.

I retired from dance had tried everything to fix the mounting pile of injuries. After some time, I got fed up with going in circles. Rather than continuing exercises that seemed only to exacerbate the problem, he took a different approach to recovery that focused on finding the actual root cause of muscle tightness and weakness and then solving them.

The utter defeat at that time, however, would eventually push me down a winding path toward solving problems of the muscular system and to understand how our muscles worked with our brain to move our skeleton to do great things (or fail to do so). And now, I draw upon my personal experience to give young athletes the chance that I never had all those years ago.

Lauren’s Injury Story

My personal injury story led to a bizarre twist of fate that introduced me to Scott. Because up until then I had rarely stepped inside of a gym. I had never played a sport or been on a team … unless you count being picked last for gym class.

Growing up I was chubby and rather uncoordinated. I did not have natural athletic ability, and prefered more solitary indoor activities like reading. As a teenager and in my 20s I would occasionally pop in a workout tape or visit a gym to do some cardio, but that was really all. That all radically changed when I turned 30.

One snowy and icy New Jersey afternoon, my mom and I set out to go visit my aunt in New Hope, Pennsylvania which was about an hour away. My mom wanted to turn around immediately, but I assured her she was worrying needlessly and I was fine driving. Just a few minutes after we merged onto the highway our car began to slip and slide on the ice. I can still remember my mom calming telling me to “just hold onto the wheel” as I began to get upset. The car was spinning out of control and an 18-wheeler truck hit us from behind and pushed us off the road into the ravine.

Long story short, the car was totalled, we were picked up and everything seemed ok. But a few days later I remember sitting at my desk at work feeling horrible pain in my low back. And so my journey to feeling well again began. I found a chiropractor and the regular adjustments did help. I began to feel concerned about the persistent pain I was feeling in my arm which he thought to be related to my rotator cuff. His instructions to me were simple. I was way too weak at the age of 30, and I needed to start lifting some weights to build up muscle. I panicked a bit. I never felt really comfortable at a gym. I also usually hurt myself doing those workout videos even with the “light weights.” Upon the suggestion of a co-worker I went to join a gym that was local to our office park. When I signed up I decided to be bold and spring for the “training package” figuring I could use some help figuring out this weight stuff.

I was assigned to two different female trainer who left the gym within a matter of weeks. Who know the training world was so fickle? I was a little annoyed about the situation and did the unthinkable and asked for a refund on my training package. The manager of the gym called me to tell me about a new trainer at the gym, a guy, of all things who she was convinced I’d hit it off with and even offered me a free session to test out the waters. Well, I figured I had nothing to lose since I knew my chances of a refund were moot. However, I was very nervous that it could potentially be the cute new blonde trainer I had seen around the gym. And … of course it was. Scott had retired from dancing and was home in NJ for a few months to figure out his next career move.

Since I met Scott he was trying to solve the mystery of my right shoulder. He read every article he could find on shoulder exercises. He bought new programs. Even when we would make headway it would be good for a few weeks, and then relapse to the point that it was hard to reach back to put on a jacket. That cycle continued for a bit until I eventually had an MRI which showed a small calcium deposit on my right shoulder. I was advised to not have surgery by my orthopedist and try to live with the restriction.

As Scott dove further into solving complex muscle problems, I had reached out 80% mobility in my shoulder. I had accepted it would be a lifelong limitation. Late last year, I woke up in horrible pain to the point that I couldn’t move my arm. X-Rays and an MRI showed that the calcium deposit had most likely grown and immediate surgery was recommended. During my operation,  a 1-inch calcium deposit was removed, there was significant repair needed due to a tear on my rotator cuff and my bursa sack had essentially blown up.

My surgery was successful, and Scott’s rehab has made it so that I am recovering at record time. Of course, it’s normal to think I’m partial because he’s my husband. But I totally believe Scott has an incredible gift and ability to see beyond the obvious and heal people even with the most complex muscle problems. My experience of knowing him and all the people he has helped makes me truly able to say that this therapy is the only thing you’ll need.