Charlie Brewer

QB, Baylor University

I sought out Scott because I was experiencing pain and tightness in my shoulder from throwing the football so much. I didn’t expect there to be much change, but I felt an immediate difference in my shoulder the very first time I saw him.

After a long practice week I would see Scott the night before the game and he would get me feeling 100%. Even more, over the season my throwing capability increased a lot. I saw a huge difference in my velocity and stamina with throwing the ball. I was able to throw more balls without soreness and I was more accurate from the first ball to the last.

What impresses me is how much knowledge he has and how he is able to interpret what he’s getting from my body and responding with what he does. The results of his work are fantastic! He knows how to treat anything in your body.

He does something it seems no one else can do.
— Charlie Brewer
Scott Frost has assisted me for almost 3 years now. I am currently a senior in college playing D1 baseball for the University of The Incarnate Word, and previously attended Dripping Springs HS. In all our sessions we have had I’ve become more used to the feeling of being confused with how good my body is capable of feeling. We explore new parts of the body every new session we have, and I leave feeling one thousand times better than when I arrived. Due to the success we have had I’ll be continuing to see Scott for the next year and hopefully for years to come depending on my baseball career.
— Nick Coffman

Nick Coffman

Pitcher, University of Incarnate Word


Cade Green

WR, University of Wisconsin

Working with Scott has made all of the difference in allowing me to stay healthy and perform at my best on the field. Whenever I feel any issue of any kind with my muscles, Scott is the person I go see. Not only would he fix any issue I was having but he would then give me things to do to reinforce what he had done. He teaches you fixes to get you back as quick as possible from the day-to-day grind. His treatment is very effective and I highly recommend it to anyone.
— Cade Green
I was sent to Scott because I was having pain in my upper glute that was keeping me from lifting and training. I worked with Scott a couple of times and he helped my glute pain tremendously. You can tell that he really knows what he is doing and he does it very well. I’ve seen him do it time and again.
— Cade Brewer

Cade Brewer

TE, University of Texas - Austin


Jeff Gibbs

OL, University of Pennsylvania

I battled a back injury for what felt like forever. But after only 2 sessions with Scott, the pain had disappeared and I was able to perform at 100%.There is no doubt in my mind that Scott’s practices provide the most effective form of treatment out there. The results I experienced are the best I have ever encountered for any of my injuries. I would not hesitate to send anyone to him.
— Jeff Gibbs
Before I met Scott, I knew literally nothing about techniques to get muscle working well. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Scott was very precise when locating the source of my problems, and thoroughly explained the purpose for everything. Once I understood the process, I realized the incredible impact it could have on me as an athlete. He fixed any problems that came up and helped me reach new levels of performance I did not know I had.

Later, he brought me back to 100% after I had surgery for my torn ACL, MCL and Medial Meniscus. After I was released from my initial post-op rehab, I handed it over to him. Even today, I still employ techniques and drills I learned from Scott regularly to keep myself healthy and performing at the highest level.
— ABE Willows

Abe Willows

RB, University of Pennsylvania


Chuy Cortes

Professional Soccer Player

For years I struggled with tight calves that no trainer knew how to fix. It consistently bothered me during games and practice, resulting in less than my best performance. I feel extremely blessed that I met Scott and had the opportunity to train with him while playing for the Austin Aztex.

I asked him about the pain in my calves. Within minutes he knew exactly what I was going on and we began taking steps towards making improvements. Within weeks the pain had subsided and my performance on the soccer field was substantially better. I felt the joy of playing soccer with no pain once again.

After he fixed the issues I was having with my calves, I embraced his style of training and began to feel an immense difference in my overall mobility and physicality. I continued to workout with Scott after the season which helped me get into the best shape of my life and which helped me realize just how powerfully and gracefully the human body can move once you take the proper and necessary steps to get there.
— Chuy Cortes
I came in to see Scott to get rid of all the pains from golf. I had tried chiropractic therapy but with only temporary results. Scott changed my golf game with huge improvements in my strength and mobility. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him.
— Jack Lawlor

Jack Lawlor

Golfer, Lake Travis HS

I first came to see Scott following a grade 3 ankle sprain that occurred early in my softball season. I was unable to walk and was on crutches for about 2 weeks with a couple of partially torn ligaments. With Scott’s help, I was able to shuck the boot and get back on the field much sooner than expected. Since then, I have continued to come to see Scott for occasional overuse injuries and to identify imbalances and weaknesses that might limit my performance. Before I came to Scott, I used Airrosti for similar reasons, but Scott has been able to identify any underlying issues, and improve muscle performance and strength. I have been and will continue to recommend Scott to those who need to recover from an injury, or to those who want to unlock their full athletic potential.
— Zoe Crane, Softball
The first time I came in to see Scott was for a back problem I had gotten in 7th grade and hadn’t gone away in over 4 years. I had been to the chiropractor dozens of times but the adjustments they were making could only temporarily stop the pain. My friend recommended Scott and after a couple sessions with him, my back pain had already started to go away. It’s been a year since I started going to Scott and he has helped strengthen and fix my other injuries like a subluxated shoulder, sprained ankles, slightly torn quad, along with my back.
— Cortland Denisio, Football
I found Scott through my dad who himself had several issues looking for a solution as well. I’ve had arm issues for years and have tried every kind of therapy that we could think of. Scott turns on muscles and parts within your body that I never knew existed. My velocity increased increased and there was no more pain. So far, Scott is the only treatment I have found to not be temporary.
— Price Siemering, Pitcher
I had some soreness in my shoulder that soon turned to pain and made it so I could not throw a ball. Scott was recommended to me by my coach. I was pretty unsure if his treatment would work. But, I was happily surprised by my results. Scott’s two treatments were more effective than two doctors, a PT and a chiropractor.
— Jack Hagy, Baseball
I came to see Scott originally to improve the way my body moved as well as help keep my body healthy and functioning. As a football player these things are very important since it is a full contact sport. Scott continues to keep me on the field playing at my full potential.

I have done physical therapy with multiple different experts and participated in yoga, Pilates, and gyro classes. They all help, but Scott has a unique technique and skill set that I prefer over all of them. He can focus in on the smallest spot that is causing you pain and fix it, usually fixing many other issues in the process.

The biggest improvement I’ve felt with Scott is in my right knee. I tore my ACL in 2017 and had surgery on July 17th 2017. By that December I was running full speed again with no issue and by January, I was cutting and changing directions like nothing had happened. This is all thanks to Scott’s program and dedication to the health of his patients.

I have already recommended Scott to many people who have been injured or have lingering pains and want to be improved and removed. I will continue to recommend him to others that I think he can and will help to move at their body’s full potential.
— Matthew Peterman, Football
As a multi-sport athlete, I’ve dealt with injuries constantly throughout my career. I have gone to countless physical therapists and doctors for rehabbing old and new injuries. When I first started working with Scott, I was skeptical that he was just another person in a long line of professionals to take a crack at it. However, it didn’t take long for me to feel a difference in my body and realize how his whole approach was different.

Scott takes treatment to a new level - rather than just fixing injuries, he works towards balancing you out to prevent injuries. He is very easy to work with and is full of energy. What has been most remarkable to me is what I have learned from him. He has served not only as an effective physical therapist, but also as a teacher. The stuff I have learned about correct body mechanics, how your muscles and tendons work, etc. are what have set apart my experience with Scott the most. Now when I come across a new injury, I have knowledge about how to fix it or what could be causing it, keeping me on the field a lot more often.
— Carson Pepe, Ruby
I’ve been working with Scott for awhile and the results are unparalleled. Every single time I have an injury I can rely on him to fix it. I’ve had sprained ankles, pulled muscles, and dislocated shoulders that were all fixed within a couple sessions.

The work he does not only fixes the problem, it has enabled me to tap into my senses to become more aware of problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. I find the sessions comfortable and relaxing. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t begun going to Scott.
— Madison Williams, Volleyball
For all of my injuries that I’ve brought to Scott, I always feel better immediately and heal faster. After I got out of my cast from a broken ankle, I went to Scott to get back on the field. His mix of treatments helped me get back out on the field faster and come back better than before. He knows so much about all of the joints and muscles in our bodies and always seems to find the best approach to take. I’ve always had an awesome experience working with him!
— Gabby Green, Soccer


I went to Scott Frost looking for a miracle for my shoulder. And that’s exactly what I got.

After months of pain and visits to an orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor and going on pain medication did not provide me with any relief, I finally have no pain after going to Scott. I am forever grateful.
— Heather Swanson

I came in to see Scott because of chronic low back pain that has been bothering me for years. I’m 29 years old and I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that I might be a person who lives with pain forever.

None of the other treatments I’ve tried throughout the years (chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc) have yielded lasting results. I had SI instability that was impairing my ability to participate in everyday activities, as well as yoga, hiking, kayaking and other activities that give me joy. After seeing Scott for two months, I’m realizing that my life doesn’t have to be limited and defined by pain and I’m thrilled to feel that I’m finally on a path to healing. He has been stabilizing my core muscles and we’re now working on activating other muscles that have forgotten how to do their job properly. I can now participate in an entire yoga practice without fear and without pain which I haven’t done in years! I’m so thankful for Scott and highly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain who wants to get their life back!
— Kaleigh Carter
I first came to Scott based on a referral from a friend. I had plantar factitious in my right foot and it was becoming unbearable, even keeping me awake at night. I had had it worked on by many types of professionals prior with little to no relief.

I was impressed right away with his knowledge, understanding and problem solving . He treated my foot and was very accurate in how long it would take before I would notice a difference. He truly is amazing at figuring out what I needed and was quick to treat the problem in a way that truly works. I cannot say enough about him!

My foot feels great and I’m sleeping again! He also worked on my shoulder which was so tight that regular massage no longer gave me more than 24 hours of relief. Scott worked his magic turning my muscles on and/or off (he will explain it) and my shoulder feels incredible. I don’t understand how he puts it together and I can’t explain it, but I can tell you it works and the results are amazing.
— Lisa Lane

My work with Scott has been nothing short of amazing. When we started working together, I had very little range of motion in my right hip to the point of being unable to normally tie my shoe. I struggled with a constant low back pain which made life and golf not so enjoyable. While I came to him after many years of damage from playing college football at Texas over 20 years ago and we still have work to do, my back pain is gone and my hip and leg mobility is greatly improved. I can tie my shoes and walk without problems. He translated our work on the table into teaching me to move with control from the proper joints.

My golf game is back and I can enjoy the game again.

Scott is the consummate professional, he stays on time and gives more as much as his schedule allows. He is always prepared and excited about what he does. I simply cannot say enough about Scott and what he has done for me.
— David Bosco
After more than a year and half after having my shoulder surgery, including 6 months of physical therapy, I was still having issues getting any real range of motion. I had a complete lack of strength to the degree that I could not lift a 2 lb weight past my shoulder height.

That all changed when I started treatments with Scott, who was referred by one of my good friends. After just my 3rd treatment with Scott, the range of motion in my surgically repaired shoulder was substantially better than it was after completing 6 months of physical therapy post-surgery!

Furthermore, Scott is very personal and extremely professional as well as very thorough and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him. Scott is definitely an expert in his field.

Thank you Scott for all that you have done.
— Richard Orozco

I came to Scott with a small tear in my bicep that did not require surgery. However, I couldn’t raise my arm past my shoulder. It just would not go up and was very painful. I tried weekly massage, acupuncture, resting it and loads of icing and anti-inflammatories. On a recommendation from my nutritionist, I spent 45 mins with Scott and could raise my arm above my head! I nearly broke into tears of joy later that day when unloading heavy clothing racks for a shoot and I could do it all with NO pain.

I visited Scott a second time to reinforce my shoulder and look at my feet. I had double foot surgery a year prior and needed relief from scar tissue and to restore function to my big toes. It wasn’t till after this session that I realized that hadn’t been standing planted on both feet. He worked on them and I left with a whole new sensation of standing - not to mention my toes looked prettier not being jumbled ;)

He’s amazing. His knowledge and understanding of the human body and its muscular structure is remarkable. I’ve honestly never had a treatment experience and result quite like this.
— Lawryl Jarrett

Parents of Athletes

Anytime my family or I need medical attention for a severe sprain or other injury we call Scott Frost without hesitation. And we have highly recommended him to others for their injuries. He’s the only person we use!

We know there is no one like him in the area who has healing hands like Scott. He’s absolutely amazing, a genuine blessing to the field of healing!

Last week my daughter had a severe ankle sprain on a Tuesday afternoon, was treated twice along with some home instructed treatments, and was back to playing solid basketball again on Friday and Saturday.

Thanks to Lauren for communicating with us even after hours, helping us to access the situation and to schedule an appointment quickly too!

Scott and Lauren are a great team, very professional. Thanks Corrective Muscle Solutions!
— Olivia Devin
Scott is a sort of modern day “Miyagi”. Like the “Mr. Miyagi of Muscle.” It seems shorter than the guy who “provides outstanding service & knowledge and seems to be able to fix everything wrong with my daughter” guy. In fact, because Scott is involved early in the process now, he prevents things from turning into full blown issues that would have kept her off the field. Whether it’s for prevention or injury recovery, go visit Scott!
— Amber Dittoe
My son came to Scott with a freshly sprained ankle. When he has had sprains before, it would usually take him 4-6 weeks to get back to playing. But, within a week of seeing Scoot, he was back to 100%.

Scott’s has an immense knowledge of kinesiology. He takes his science background and puts it into a precise and practical application of techniques that just work. It’s been amazing to watch the unique and creative ways in which he does his work. You could say that he got us off on the right foot!
— Paula McNabb
My son plays baseball year round and was having some arm issues. Scott immediately diagnosed the source and not only fixed the arm pain, but found there were several other body issues needing some type of re-alignment. Even after the first session, my son was feeling amazing! Scott’s understanding of the musculoskeletal system is truly dynamic. We go in weekly for routine tune-ups and my son has never felt better. Can’t thank Scott enough for his compassion and work - he is the best!
— Patrick Murphy
I am very grateful to Scott for taking care of my son. His corrective treatments brought him back from injuries during his football season. Scott located damaged muscles and worked to fix the issue rather than just a temporary pain relief. He still seeks after Scott’s therapy whenever he visits home from college. Scott is the most valuable sports injury and muscle specialist around. We appreciate him not only for his work but for how much he cares about the people he treats.
— Jaekyung Willows