Specialty Protocols


With such a diverse and competitive sports population, there are many growing health needs that we are tackling at Corrective Muscle Solutions. We are proud of how we invest yearly in continuing education to remain on the edge of an elite field. In the process, we have found many unique ways to use our gifts and to serve the growing needs in the Lake Travis Community.


Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Prevention


At CMS, we love sports and the lessons young athletes can learn from them about character and teamwork. However, it is frustrating when you go to perform and you feel like your body is letting you down. After all the preparation and practice, you come in feeling like something is missing. Or worse yet, you are sitting on the sidelines with an injury.

We have a saying at CMS:

“The best ability is availability.”


Specific for You, Specific to Your Sport

This is why we focuses on performance enhancement through specific means of injury prevention. Each individual is unique. You start there and layer on the specific demand of the sport, and all the way down to the intricacies of the position. This is not a one-size problem and cannot be a one-size solution.


Position Specific

Position specific factors even for a single sport, such as football, can have a profound impact on one’s success. The uniqueness of each individual position on the field is like a different sport unto itself.

For example, improving the catching skills of a wide receiver by enhancing the functionality of the hands and fingers can make the difference as to whether you will stand out on the field for a scholarship offer.

Each session is completely unique in dealing with the effects of the previous weeks competition and preparing for the next. Over years of preparing athletes for competition optimally prepare you for each game and tournament.



Neurologic Retraining

We see many cases of individuals looking to improve conditions that depend on how the brain and the muscle system interact to control vital everyday life functions.

These problems are unique in that you must treat the operating system in tandem with the mechanical. The muscles of the eyes, face and lung function must be re-educated to enable movement capability to be pair with the visual, respiratory, balance and jaw functions.


Concussion & Head Injury

At CMS, we have put in a tremendous amount of time into treating the effects of head injuries (such as concussions) on the neuromuscular system.

A single blow to the head, or an accumulation of blows to the head, can cause big disruptions in the brain centers responsible for body orientation. The result is a movement system peppered with “blindspots”that remain until actively treated.  

The effects of such head trauma can have a major impact on the muscle system for many, many years that must be unpacked and unpeeled over time.

Jaw Dysfunction

Breathing Dysfunctions