How to Get Started


Initial Inquiry

We need to talk and see if this treatment is the right fit for you. Please call or text us at 512-788-7691 and leave your name, number, and a good time to reach you. You can also submit a form on our “Contact” page of the website with this same information.

Lauren will respond within 24 hours to set you up on a call with Scott. He will need to learn more about your situation and discuss if treatment is an appropriate next step.

Book In-Person Consultation

All new clients must first book an in-person consultation after the initial phone call. Lauren can call or text you to schedule this appointment after your initial phone call with Scott. She will need your phone number and email address to add to our system for email and text appointment reminders.

In-Person Consultations run approximately 60 minutes. The purpose of this appointment is to discuss the process and ask questions before the treatment process begins. There is no charge for consultations.

IntakeQ & Muscle History

Before your first treatment session you must complete all appointment forms. We will send you a link to our secure online portal to complete the appointment forms. The sender will be from our system "intakeQ." Please check your spam if you do not see it at first. All of the forms are system guided online.

Included with the forms is the muscular and medical history that we use to give your practitioner every opportunity to understand your unique needs and solve your issues. At the bottom there is an opportunity to attach additional files such as a previous MRI or X-Ray reports.

What to Expect During Your Initial Session

During the initial session, we will conduct a comprehensive join range of motion and muscular assessment based on your primary issue. The purpose here is to reveal an opening into the problem which can lead to the greatest immediate change for you.

The initial session also serves as a baseline from which to have objective measure to analyze your progress. We will discuss a plan with a recommendation for frequency of sessions and a timeline toward up keep and prevention.

Therapy Sessions & Reinforcement

Once you get over the initial hump that brought you in the plan would be to back down on your number of sessions. The goal being to have you come in less frequently since this type of treatment is a very different approach than traditional physical therapy.

As you move forward in the therapy process, we will build specific strength into the areas of weakness we discover. For adults and athletes who participate in weight lifting, we then teach proper movement mechanics and lifting technique for use in your outside exercise routine.


Most clients book appointments once a week where they are making improvements consistently with the intent to move toward coming in every 2-3 weeks for upkeep.

Each treatment session is highly individualized and specific to the status of your neuromuscular system.

Treatment Sessions run approximately 60 minutes.


*All Sessions Are By Appointment Only *



We are not medical professionals and therefore cannot contract with insurance companies so we are not able to accept insurance. We also cannot provide medical diagnostic codes or session notes to file with insurance for reimbursement. We can accept most HSA and FSA cards if you have one through your healthcare provider for tax-free health spending. We do also provide payment receipts for your records.

Payment Policy

Clients are required to keep a valid card on file and payment is due at the time services are provided. All payments must be made with a debit, credit or HSA card. We do not accept cash or personal checks. Payment is due at the time services are provided.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation & reschedule policy is 24 hours prior to the start of your appointment time. If you have a younger athlete who manages their own schedule and/or drives it is imperative that they understand this responsibility.

We will continue to make exceptions for true emergencies such as illness, family emergencies or dangerous road conditions due to inclement weather.